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Complete Teen Program  |  $685

Driver's Education course for students under 21.

The Student MUST be at least 15 years and 9 months old by the 1st day of the class they are enrolled in, OR they must be 16 years old on or before the last day of the class they are erolled in.

The total cost is $685. A non-refundable deposit of $85 is required to secure a seat in the class. This can be paid online when you register, or a check can be mailed to 1st Gear Driving, Inc., P.O. Box 118, Amherst, NH 03031.

Course includes:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction. (Please note that the students are required to attend all classes per state regulations. They may be allowed to miss 2 classes, or 4 hours total, but this is reserved for emergencies and must be approved by the instructor. (See FAQs for additional info.)  

  • 10 hours of driving with a Certified DE Instructor.

  • Minimum 6 hours of observation.

The driving commitment for the students once they are enrolled is 2 - 4  hours per week of driving/observing with the instructor. All students need to plan on this. 

The students are also required to have 40 hours of driving time with their parents, 10 of which have to be night hours, prior to taking their driver's test.  Click here to print Out-of-Class Log Sheet (DSMV 509).

Parent Orientation:

Parent Orientation for 2018 is always the 1st class. Please note that the Parent Night will be changing for 2019 and more info will be forthcoming. One parent or guardian is required to attend with their teen. The parent must bring:

  • balance of tuition

  • a copy of the birth certificate for our records

  • the original birth certificate (we are required to view the seal)

The NH Driver's Manual:

The DMV is NO longer printing manuals for schools to provide to students. You may be able to go to the DMV and pick one up individually. You can also use the below link to download and/or print the PDF of the manual. You will need this to study for the state written test!  


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Driver Improvement Program (Points Reduction Class)  |  $55

Driver Improvement Program (Safe Driver Course): This course is NH state approved. Fees include online registration and the Safe Driver Course Certificate upon completion.

This class is in accordance with Saf-C 212.06, for any person that has accumulated at least three (3) demerit points, proof of the successful completion of this program shall, only for the purposes of suspension, reduce three (3) points from the most recent point assessment total. As indicated, the point total may be reduced, but the points will still remain/appear on the driver record report.

Please Note - Completion of this course may be ordered by the justice of a superior, district, county or circuit court or following an administrative hearing held by the Bureau of Hearings concerning/related to an individual's driving record

Check out the DMV Website for more information

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Returning Student Private Lesson (2Hr)  |  $120

This is a two hour, private driving lesson/review with a certified driving instructor at a discounted rate. This is for past students who may need additional hours of review before taking or re-taking a driving test.

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Private Driving Lessons (2Hr)  |  $130

This course is a 2 hour, private driving lesson with a certified driving instructor. These hours are based on your specific needs.  We can take you out for a review and recommend areas to work on, or you can request to work on specific skills (i.e. parking, city driving, or precisions turns).  Students may also benefit from this session if they are trying to get a few hours in before taking Driver's Ed.

If you are a past student who may need additional hours to review before re-taking a driving test, please choose Returning Student Private Lesson instead.

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Private Driving Lessons (6 hr)  |  $390

This is a 6 hour package for private driving lessons with a certified instructor. Typically, this (or the 10 hour package) is required by the state if your driving privileges have been suspended.  During these 6 hours we will review the rules of the road and basic driving skills to prepare you to pass your driving test at the DMV. You may also benefit from these sessions if you are trying to get some hours before starting Driver's Ed!

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Private Driving Lessons (10 HR)  |  $600

This is a 10 hour package for private driving lessons with a certified instructor. Typically, this (or the 6 hour package) is required by the state if your driving privileges have been suspended.  During these 10 hours we will review the rules of the road with you and customize these hours to develop the driving skills and habits that you need. This package is also good for adults who have never had a license. It includes a $50 discount.

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