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What is a REAL ID?

On the Application for Driver License form, there is a box to check to opt in for a Real ID.  For more information as to what this ID is, please check out this link.

New Hampshire Department of Safety - DMV

New Hampshire Driver Manual

NH Driver License

This is a link to www.nh.gov page that tells you what the steps are to get your Initial License.  Make sure you pay attention to the over or under 18 categories!

NH Practice Tests

Use this link to take online NH practice tests for free!

NH Transportation Management Center

Trying to create safer NH roadways ...

AT&T It Can Wait Campaign!

Go ahead... take the pledge now!



A website for teens, teachers, and parents

Printable Forms

NH Driver License Application (DSMV 450)

Out-of-Class Log Sheet (DSMV 509)

AAA Parent-Teen Contract


AT&T The Last Text

A texting and Driving Documentary

Driver Distraction video on You Tube

WARNING:  This video contains some very disturbing images but is well worth watching.