1st Gear Rules and Regulations

  1. Class Schedule: Evening classes are on Tues/Thurs evenings (times may vary for different sessions, the specific times are on the Classroom Training page) and Parent Orientation is always on a Monday. Day classes (seasonal) are Tues/Thurs afternoons (times may vary by session) and the Parent Orientation is on Tuesday. Weekend classes are Fri 4:30-6:30 pm and Sat 9-11 am. *The first day of class for any session is always Parent Orientation, and it is mandatory for one parent or guardian to attend this class with the student. 
  2. Behavior Expectations: We employ the use of the golden rule in the classroom and in the cars. We will expect that people treat each other courteously, and there is no disruptive or rude behavior or profanity in the classroom. The first time the instructor has to speak to someone, they will be given an assignment by the instructor. The second time, an oral assignment will be given that the student will have to present in front of the class. The third time, the driving school will call the parent(s) and request a meeting with the parent(s) and student. The fourth and final time, the parent(s) will be notified, and the student will be asked to leave the class without a refund. We will track this in the student records.  
  3. NO CELL PHONES allowed during class time or in the car. This is a courtesy to the teacher as well as to the other students.
  4. Classroom Attendance: By state law, students are NOT allowed to miss classroom instruction except for good cause as determined by the instructor (may include a death in the family or an injury), and there must be documentation to support this.  No more than 4 hours (or 2 classes) of classroom instruction may be missed. The class time cannot be made up, but the student will have to make up any quiz or test that was missed and will be given an assignment that is equivalent to the material missed.  If more than 4 hours or 2 classes, are missed, the student cannot continue the course and will be documented as "incomplete" on our state paperwork. 
  5. Quizzes, Tests, Mid-Term, & Final Exam: Each class will have a minimum of 3 quizzes, a written mid-term, and a written final exam. The student must get at least an 80% on all of these to pass the class academically. We will work with the students and parents as needed for special circumstances (i.e. testing orally).  
  6. Driving & Observation Hours:  Each student is required to have 10 hours of in-car driving lessons and a minimum of 6 hours of observation. Students will need to plan on at least 1 driving session a week. A session is 2 hours, and for the 1st 6 includes a driving hour and an observation hour. Driving hours 7-8 and 9-10 are doubles. The student will drive both hours. We pick up and drop off all students at the 1st Gear classroom for driving appointments. We do pick up at various schools for the 1st hour of the day, as determined by instructor availability.
  7. Behind the Wheel Hours: 1st Gear's in-vehicle instruction hours occur between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, as determined by instructor availability. When you sign our Rules Sheet at the parent orientation, or accept the online Terms, you give your teenager permission to drive during these hours with an Instructor, even during Daylight Savings.
  8. Parent Participation: In order to take our course, 1st Gear requires parents to drive with their teens. We also require that those parents who have not started driving with their teenager yet make a commitment to do so immediately1st Gear requires students to drive at least 1 hour with a parent (guardian) for every hour driven with an instructor. Our goal is that by the end of driver's education, the student would be ready for the state test. We do offer private lessons at $50 an hour for those who need them.
  9. Canceling or Changing Driving Times: If for any reason a student is unable to keep the scheduled driving appointment, the student MUST login to the website and cancel the driving session within 2 days (48 hours).  If it is not cancelled within 48 hours the website will charge the student $50.00 for the late cancellation. If the driving hour is a 2-hour drive session (hours 7&8 or 9&10), it's a $100 fee. If there is an emergency, please text the Admin and we may override the fee if appropriate.
  10. Tuition and Refund Policy: The nonrefundable registration deposit of $85 is due at the time of registration to secure a spot in the class. The tuition balance is due on the first day of class. If you need to cancel your registration, please give a minimum one-week notice, and any amount, less the deposit, will be refunded or applied to a future session. NO refunds will be given after the class has begun, but may be applied to future sessions.