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Point Reduction Classes

  • Driver Improvement Program

    Are your required to take a Driver Improvement class per the state?

    Do you have a teen going through driver ed and want to be able to teach them correctly?

    Do you need a refresher class to learn the new rules or brush up on your skills?

    Do you want or need three points removed from your point assessment total (valid once every three years)?

    This course is NH state-approved in accordance with Saf-C 212.06. Take this course if you have accumulated at least three demerit points. Proof of the successful completion of this program shall, only for the purposes of suspension, reduce three points from the most recent point assessment total. The points will still appear on the driver record report.

    Completion of this course may be ordered by the justice of a superior, district, county or circuit court or following an administrative hearing held by the Bureau of Hearings concerning/related to an individual's driving record. Check out the DMV Website for more information.

    Fees include online registration and the Safe Driver Course Certificate upon completion. There is a 2.5% processing fee to pay with a credit card online. You may also bring a check made out to 1st Gear Driving, or cash to the class!

    LOCATION All classes will be held at the 1st Gear classroom, 141 Rte 101A, Heritage Place plaza, in Amherst, NH.

Points Reduction Class


May 4
12:00 pm
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Points Reduction class meets Saturday, May 4, 2024, from 12 - 6:30pm. There is 6 hours of class and a 30-minute meal break.