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Driver Ed Testimonials

Student Testimonials

If you (parent or student) would like to submit a testimonial, please feel free to email a brief testimonial of your experience with 1st Gear Driving to Amber at: If it is appropriate, it will be posted!  Thank you!

"First Gear is a fantastic program for teaching young adults how to drive safely and responsibly. The instructors are second to none in knowledge and friendliness. The content of the program is accurate, up-to-date, and adequately prepared me and all of my classmates for any and all situations we might encounter on the road. The instructors were exceptional with scheduling driving hours, and the driving hours I had were always safe and designed to teach specific lessons. By the time I was finished with the program, I felt that I was ready to take my driving test without any problem. I would wholeheartedly recommend First Gear Driving School for anyone who is considering learning how to drive."

Cameron Jackson

"1st Gear Driving was FIRST RATE! My son used 1st Gear last summer and the total experience was excellent. Driving school is expensive and I'd heard too many stories from friends whose children had less-than-professional experiences elsewhere. I was wary, but 1st Gear exceeded my expectations. It was easy to sign up for driving times, the instructors always on time and ready to go. Communications were always timely and clear. My son actually seemed to enjoy the classes and made friends. When it came time to get licenses, 1st Gear arranged a special time for the class to go together to the DMV. Amber from 1st Gear was there, cheering them on. We were almost sad to be done with it all! I highly recommend 1st Gear!"

Kathleen Rutty-Fey

"I live in Hollis NH, and have two daughters that took drivers ed at 1st Gear. Both of them graduated from the class and got their license the very next day. My girls would say to me I hear Amber's calm voice in my head and remember to be safe and follow the rules of the road. If you ask my daughter Kaylee about Amber she'll tell you she loves her. I can't say enough about Amber and Carl. My nephew used a driver's school in Nashua and did not feel confident enough to pass his tests… A friend asks Amber if he could join a review class with them and she gladly helped him! He as passed as well. My son will be signed up at 1st gear next summer. Thank you for teaching my family safety on the roads."

Christina Hillard

"Amber is the best instructor! Kind, patient and knowledgeable. A +++"

Lauren LeComte

"1st Gear made it easy. Everyone is great and Amber was an excellent instructor. Scheduling driving time was easy and the group license experience was excellent. Thank you so much!"

Jennifer Hilton